We Won’t Stop Until There’s A Cure


My life was turned upside down in April of 2009, I was diagnosed as being HIV+. I knew nothing about the virus, except for the terrible stereotypes and misconceptions people told me. When the nurse told me my tests came back positive she was so nonchalant about it and told me I have nothing to worry about. I stared in disbelief at her, nothing to worry about! I was just diagnosed with something that kills people, how could I not worry. I was in a state of shock when I left the clinic and climbed into my car.

Reality did not set in for quite sometime even though the tears came right away. I had to fight through a copious amount of tears to even drive home, at times having to pull over because i just could not stop crying enough to see clearly. I was in a stunned silence for awhile and didn’t know how I would tell my family, or my loved ones, let alone the guy I was dating. I knew nothing about this virus, only that the people who had it were shunned by society and condemned to a life of loneliness. No one would want to be with me, let alone kiss me or hold me at night.  I was terrified about what my future held and all I could think about then was how I could take my own life and not have to deal with the pain.

The pain only got worse when my boyfriend at the time attacked me and accused me of cheating on him. Going as far as to accuse me of ruining his life, all because his mother saw his test results which were negative. I slipped into such a deep depression, I cut myself off from people, I quit my job and hit behind a mask. I hid my results from many people, only trusting a few of my closest friends and family I lived with. I was terrified that the entire community would find out and shun me.

I wish I would have been more educated and not so naive on the subject of HIV/AID’s maybe then I would have understood my diagnosis better. Maybe then I would have not thought about suicide so often or attempted it so many times. It took me years before I was finally comfortable enough to be open about my diagnosis. When rumors started with in the gay community about me having AID’s and sleeping with people purposely to infect them. I fought back the only way I knew how by speaking the truth and confronting those who had nothing better to do with their time then attack me.

I took the wind from their sails when I starting going around and telling everyone about my status, I used social media to spread the word. I wanted to be as open as possible. I finally met a wonderful woman at a fashion show who introduced me to Nora Hanna the director of Until There’s A Cure. Telling my story to her and knowing she understood what I was going through even though she did not have it her self, made me feel so much better about myself. I was able to educate myself better and began to truly understand the virus and what it means to live with HIV in 2013.

HIV affects my immune system, it doesn’t disfigure me and turn me into a leper. I just have to stay on top of taking my medication and taking care of my body, all things we should be doing in the first place. It can not be transmitted through kissing someone, or drinking from the same drink as them let alone hugging them. You would be surprised at how many times people have made a huge deal out of sharing a drink with me. You can read more about HIV/AID’s by going to Until There’s A Cure’s website.

20131012123013-T-SHIRT_PROTOIt has now been just over four and a half years since I was diagnosed and I am finally ready to help others. It’s been a journey I started back in January to be more open and to help encourage others to educate themselves on this virus. That journey has culminated with me partnering with couture designer V by Rob Bennett to design a beautiful high end button up that helps raise funds for Until There’s A Cure. We included a beautiful high end t-shirt made from custom fabric blends so you can help in finding a cure and helping educate, which will help save someone’s life.

20131003161419-DRESS_PROTO-v2 (1) After hearing my story I ask you to please take a look at the indiegogo campaign and help us reach our goal, show your support for a better future. Let other’s out there know that they don’t have to go through what I did by not being educated. I will have a long and beautiful life just like anyone else because of all the leaps and bounds we have made within the medical and science industry. 20131013094458-T-SHIRT_PROTO2I appreciate your support and love through this journey and I hope together we can change lives all while looking beautiful on the inside and out.

~Joseph Squellati

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Sponsor The Turrell Family This Holiday Season + Get Closer to God By Giving

What a beautifully done article

leverage ambition

Times are tough for many this holiday season.

There are many different non profits within your community that you can donate your time and money to to make a difference, but have considered sponsoring a family in immediate need today?

If you are looking to give a family a holiday blessing with a donation via Go Fund Me, read on.

Shari Turrell is like many of the over 40 million people that fell victim to the mass layoffs America has endured this year.

Shari is a single mom of two young adult children, and her husband passed away back in 2007.

She had to think quick on her feet when her husband passed away, and ended up starting her own events company.

She was passionate about helping others build great memories with events in Nevada.

She knew alot of vendors and could negotiate events at a discounted price.

As a…

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Couture Designer Revolutionizes Eco-Friendly Clothing


Custom line by Liliana Chavez

Custom line by Liliana Chavez

When individuals choose a career or an occupation they want to do, they usually start planning in high school. They research which school would benefit their career choice the most, where they can get student loans and how they apply. When someone decides to become a fashion designer they plan for the long run, school, loans, move to a new city. On the rare chance though you run across individuals who throw traditional out the window and teach them selves how to sew and design their own clothing. Liliana Chavez decided to throw out traditional but not before she got her degree in pre-law and paralegal studies from Chico State and Blackstone Career institute. Not only did she get her degree she did it all while working full time and paying 100% for everything. She didn’t have student loans because she had a secret that prevented her from getting them. A secret she kept quiet not from embarrassment, but simply because she was working so hard for her goals.

Custom line by Liliana Chavez

Custom line by Liliana Chavez

She was an undocumented citizen until 2007 when her husband helped her get her full citizenship for the United States of America. By this time Liliana decided after she had gotten her degree that she wanted to become a business owner and fashion had turned into her passion. She thought about starting a t-shirt line, that wasn’t good enough for her though she set her sights higher. Her artistic nature soon took over; her original thought for t-shirts soon grew into her own clothing brand. She had no idea what she needed to do to get started, all she knew was she was determined, passionate, and driven to create her own brand.

Custom line by Liliana Chavez

Custom line by Liliana Chavez

Liliana started out with the help of her mother, she began learning how to do patterns, studied the different properties of textiles, and worked with her mother on her various designs. She quickly learned how to get in contact with various textile companies and suppliers. She was blessed to build a fantastic business relationship early on with a bamboo manufacturer in Los Angeles, as well as her denim manufacture in North Carolina. She spent two years working on designs and decided to work with textiles that would help her stand out and were different from what the designers in the Sacramento area as well as the fashion industry were using. She started working with cone denim manufactured in North Carolina, which is high end denim. She decided to introduce bamboo fiber into her designs, being able to use an eco friendly and sustainable jersey helped set her brand apart from all the rest.

Custom line by Liliana Chavez

Custom line by Liliana Chavez

With her unique approach to business Liliana was able to secure distribution in several boutiques with in the Sacramento area. She was soon able to move the sewing of all her designs to the Sacramento area, allowing her to put revenue back into her local economy. After Fuschia Couture was launched her husband and she launched their own in house screen printing shop called “Forever Chico Ink.” They launched this after their original screen printer wasn’t able to meet their deadlines. Through all of these accomplishments and hurdles Liliana preserved, conquering something that many would find down right frightening.

High end Couture line by Liliana Chavez

High end Couture line by Liliana Chavez

Through all of her experience Liliana has continued to build her brand, through custom couture outfits made to order, to beautiful outfits carried in boutiques across Sacramento. Fuschia Couture has continued to grow. Now with Liliana in school for fashion design her brand can only grow better with each passing day. You can contact her through her website www.fuschiacouture.com to place an order for your own eco friendly couture designs or stop by one of the three following boutiques if you’re in the Sacramento area, Queens of Consignment, Sei Bella, and Ravish Beauties. No dream is to hard to accomplish when you have the passion and drive to make it happen.

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Bits & Pieces with Joseph and Tina: Episode 1

So a lot of you have been asking what Tina and I have been up to the past few months, well here it is. This is our first test pilot for our new talk show that we are doing. We want to hear your thoughts and opinions on what you liked, what you didn’t, but most of all what made you laugh. Make sure you check out our page on facebook and hit like as we will post behind the scenes photo’s from us on set as well as other fun tidbits!

Special thanks to the talented and gorgeous artist Vinita for her song “Thirsty” you can check out her website http://www.iamvinita.com to hear more of her music and where her next appearance will be.

Thanks for watching and don’t forget to hit that share button and leave a post on our page on topics you’d like to hear us talk about the next time we film.

~Fa-King (Fairy King is stoked to be working with Llama mama)

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5 Tips to Keep Your Man’s Skin Looking Flawless in Winter

Well it’s that time of year when Mother Nature is cruel as fuck and strips our precious skin of the moisture it needs to stay pretty. With that said I have compiled five tips that I am sure all my fellow gay men can appreciate and men in general if you feel the need to beautify your skin for your ladies.

1st is making sure you exfoliate your skin; you have to get all those nasty dead skin cells plastering your face. I have sensitive skin so I like to use Neutrogena Acne Wash with Grapefruit extracts. Works great exfoliates and battles acne, yay me!

 Neutrogena Face Wash

2nd is using a moisturizer, with the air so dry and cold you must keep your skin moisturized. No facials now boys, use real lotion 😉

Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion


3rd after I let the lotion sink into my skin I use the ultimate secret that every gay men, hell everyone should have Nerium. It’s basically botox for your skin. I swear by the stuff and for those in the entertainment business this is definitely a much needed product to keep your skin looking amazing, tight, pore less and airbrushed. Once you try it you may just enjoy it enough to sell it, they have a killer deal going on to get you started so taking a fucking chance and do something with your lives. I say this with love…oh and vodka…vodka say’s that as well.


4th  repeat all steps morning and night depending on how sensitive your skin is or how lazy you get.

day and night

5th  stare in a mirror and tell me how pretty I look, yes that’s right me…tell me, not your self…ok well your self included…I suppose.

man in mirror

There you go five fabulous tips on how to keep your mans skin and yours looking amazing during the winter so if you’re single, you might find yourself a husband…or someone to go home with after a night at the bar at least. Either way at least you will have some amazing skin going on for you even if that’s all you have going on.


~Fa-King (Fairy King just can’t stop staring in the mirror)

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Next Best Bartender Hosts Red Carpet Finale in Reno

This gallery contains 25 photos.

Contestants, socialites, celebrities and vocalist showed up for the red carpet taping of the Reno Finale on October 26th 2013. Weeks of filming the new reality show “Next Best Bartender” had culminated in this final event. Contestants had studied hard … Continue reading

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Next Best Bartender holds Opening Casting Call in Reno


Have you ever wanted an opportunity to be on television and learn a skill that will open up many doors for you? This is that chance to travel to Las Vegas to compete for the grand prize, including an all expense paid trip to Mexico! Imagine the door’s that would open as a celebrity bartender, the places you would travel to and the people you would meet, the sky is truly the only limit you have by being on this show.

Next Best Bartender is the new reality show that will train a group of aspiring bartenders who have never bartended before to properly “POUR or GET OUT! They will be holding an open casting call on September 28th at 2pm at Rise Night Club, located at 210 N. Sierra St in Reno, NV. Cameras will be rolling as the producers and hosts of the show pick 25 contestants to be whittled down to the final 12 that will compete on the show.


For season 1, contestants will be trained in Celebrity Venues located in Las Vegas, Reno and Sacramento. The Producers of Next Best Bartender are searching to interview, train and graduate the “Next Best Bartender.” From interview process through the competitions created, aspiring bartenders are trained and compete in a reality setting. There will be prizes for each contest, a winner in each city, and the final three will compete for the $25,000 Grand Prize in Las Vegas!

With the show reaching 75 million households through various networks and growing “Next Best Bartender” is poised to be a breakout hit when it begins airing in January of 2014. If you are interested in attending the casting call this Saturday, make sure you go to the website on Thursday September 26th and download the application and the mobile app when it becomes available. Don’t forget to also check out our fan page and hit the like button to stay up to date on the exciting contests we will be running for the next several months, you never know what fabulous prizes you might win.

~Cheers to what today has offered and everything tomorrow may bring~


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Ricky Jarman is Burning Up With New Music Video!

Check out Ricky Jarman’s new music video “Mi Amore” I have seriously been waiting all summer long to finally see this video. Ricky did a fantastic job of hyping it up all summer long releasing photos and teasers of models featured in the video as well as sneak peeks.

Now we have the actual video to obsess over, make sure you spread the word about this talented artist and the fact that he helped direct this video. If you don’t I am going to have to throw a banana at you, or some other random fruit to encourage you to do so. This actually makes me giggle imagining throwing a huge bushel of fruit at random people and the music video link is printed on them…see I am looking out for your health and entertainment.

I’m so thoughtful, soooo thoughtful I don’t even know what to do with myself. So enjoy the video, leave a comment down below and tell me what you thought of Ricky’s hot new video.

~Fa-King (Fairy King seriously should not consume this much coffee so late at night..it makes him sassy)

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A Fashion Revolution is Born in Vegas with V by Rob Bennett

When I prepared for my trip to Las Vegas this past weekend I had no idea the people I would meet, would change my life. I had no idea that I would meet an amazing couture designer, who shared the same vision I had for clothing. I expected to drool over some fashions and if I was lucky make a new friend or two while I was there and then work my ass off with Stevie for “Next Best Bartender”.

While at dinner with Rob Bennett and some of his wonderful members of his team, I was immediately blown away by his kindness and sincerity. Something that is very rare and hard to find in this crazy world of entertainment. He told me briefly the story behind V by Rob Bennett. When you wear his clothing, people know that you overcame some type of obstacle. Whether it is cancer like Rob, the difficulties of HIV for me, or any other struggle, people will know that you have become stronger and you have a story to tell.

I found this absolutely fascinating and ended up enjoying an amazing adventure with Rob, Kristin, Joe, Yvette, and Cate. We wound up at Body English in the Hard Rock Hotel where I had an opportunity to rock one of Rob’s beautiful jackets. This was the kick off to the kind of amazing weekend we would have. We followed that up with a live performance at Share night club were I finally got to meet the talented and beautiful Vinita!

By the time we wrapped up a long week in Vegas, we had attended a red carpet fashion event. I rocked another beautiful jacket Rob had designed for charity, and spent several days with him and started work on an amazing project together. I am beyond blessed to be working on this amazing project with Rob and Justin Renken. We will be taking the fashion world by storm with what we are working on. I can not wait to fill you all in on the amazing opportunities that have come my way.

On top of all of that, we got to hang out with Nat Powers a wonderfully gifted music producer and his mother, who introduced us to Campaign the Vice President at Megas Inc. The week was filled with meeting gifted and genuine people, who ended up becoming wonderful friends who were nothing but positive and uplifting. Then Next Best Bartender is poised to become a break out hit when it starts airing in January of 2014. With the amazing work of Stevie K. we have brought on some major sponsors. I can not believe how successful and amazing this entire trip was and how much my life has changed and taken on new meaning with all the amazing projects I am apart of. We will be going into production for “Next Best Bartender” on September 14th at Faces in Sacramento, then Reno on September 28th at Rise Night Club.

While I digest everything that has happened and my dreams coming true right before my eyes, check out the teaser video for “Cut Away” a song created by Justin Renken specifically for V by Rob Bennett. You can also check out his website http://www.vbyrobbennett.com and take the opportunity to snag one of his amazingly beautiful pieces. I know for a fact there are only several pieces left in stock, so get them while there hot and before they run out.

~Fa-King (Fairy King is still processing everything happening)

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Glitz Pageant Sparkles Oh So Bright in Sacramento

The largest Glitz pageant on the West Coast sparkled oh so brightly in Sacramento over the weekend. Families came from all over the country and took over the Crowne Plaza hotel, transforming it into the headquarters for everything that sparkles and shines. I could not believe that these children from the age of 2 and up were on point, and covered in more crystals than even the Swarovski store could carry.

These were the types of dresses that we saw this weekend.

These were the types of dresses that we saw this weekend.

Some of them wore dresses that sparkled so much I wanted to rip it off them, so I could use that one dress to bedazzle my entire wardrobe. I could not get over the intricate detailing of the crystals and how it just blinded you. Then you take a step back and look at the whole picture and the hair was on point, and the makeup was flawless. Everything about them just screamed perfection, you could tell they had spent hours practicing their poses.

Having never judged a glitz pageant before I had no idea what to expect other than what “Toddlers and Tiara’s” had taught me. Which really isn’t saying much, so I prepped for temper tantrums and overbearing stage moms who would bite our heads off. Thank goodness that the pageant director Valerie Munoz who ran one of the most well organized pageants on the West Coast.  I didn’t see any temper tantrums, that I know of. Then again you never know what happens behind closed doors.

Winners from last years ABB pageant

Winners from last years ABB pageant

There was one issue that irritated the hell out of me, parents were complaining about us judges not smiling enough at their children. Last time I checked this was a pageant where we were judging their kids, thats why they came.

There was a moment when Valerie asked us if we would like to stay after the pageant; talk with the parents and answer their questions. I’m not going to lie I was terrified I thought for sure we would get those crazy stage moms coming up demanding to know why their child didn’t win. Then I would have to duck and run and grab shiny objects as I did so, well that didn’t happen. Besides two moms who were pretty abrasive with their questions and demeanor it was actually a very pleasant experience.

Overall this entire weekend made me realize how much fun judging pageants are as well as how much work you have to pour into each and every one of them. I appreciate all the time and effort that Valerie and her beautiful mom took to make sure that all of us judges were well taken care of, along with running the entire pageant. Thank goodness they had the royalty from the previous year there helping things run smoothly.

Pageant Director Valerie Munoz and last years ABB Pageant winner Christina Nicole

Pageant Director Valerie Munoz and last years ABB Pageant winner Christina Nicole

Needless to say Toddlers and Tiara’s have it all wrong, they focus on the dramatics (Of course) of the pageants. The trashy stage moms who would probably resort to feeding their children straight coffee IV’s to insure they won, rather than the fun the girls actually have when they enjoy glitz pageants. I look forward to the next pageant we get to judge and the crazy journey that we will take getting there.


~Fa-King (Fairy King needs more bling in his life)

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